Dandao Kennels – Islamabad

Dandao is a hobby kennel located in the city of Islamabad. Dandao Kennels are registered with KCP in Pakistan and it specializes in Labradors. The kennel is involved in showing and breeding. Dogs owned and bred by Dandao Kennels are doing very well in the show ring as well. Dogs bred by Dandao Kennels are kept and raised in very domesticated environment and are socialized at very early age. Dandao Kennels are also involved in import of good dogs to improve local gene pool of Labradors. At present six imported stud dogs are being used in selective breeding program to improve the quality of dogs. If you are interested to visit the kennel or in booking a puppy please visit on given address.

Kennel Name: Dandao Kennels

Breeder: Farid Ullah Khan, Vice President Gundog Club of Pakistan

Breed: Labrador Retrievers

City: Islamabad

Studs Available:
1. CH Balrion Weathertop Conqueror at Dandao, Labrador
2. CH Magic Dragon Bella Mare at Dandao, Labrador
3. Richbourne Standard Bearer at Dandao, Labrador
4. Balrion Weathertop Beauregard at DandaoLabrador
5. Stronger than Water Playboy at Dandao, Labrador
6. Libra D’OR Indiana Jones at Dandao, Labrador
7. Sunshine Life Honey Bear at Dandao, Labrador
8. Woodwoof’s Newton at Dandao, English Pointer
9. Joy z Karczewsiej Zagrody at Dandao Kennel, English Pointer

Contact Details:
Farid Ullah Khan: 03005700117
Address: F-10/3, Islamabad.

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