SAKH Birds – Parrot Breeder Dina

Shop’s NameSAKH Birds

Breeder: Khubaib Saeed Baloch

1. Common Budgerigars
2. Red Eyes Budgerigars
3. King Crest BE Budgerigars
4. King Crest RE Budgerigars
5. Exhibitions
6. Hogoromo
7. Green Ringnecks
8. Lutino Lovebirds
9. Albino Lovebirds
10. Fischer
11. Black Head Olive Lovebirds
12. Pied Lovebirds

City: Dina

Brief Introduction:
Khubaib Saeed Baloch is breeding almost all major breeds of Parrots in Dina, Distt Jhelum. He is a hobby breeder. He has a Birds breeding setup at home and mostly Chicks are available for new homes. He also provides cargo facility to his clients on additional payment. If you are looking to get a parrot for your home his contact details are mentioned below.

Contact Details:
Khubaib Saeed Baloch
Address: Dina, Distt Jhelum.

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