President and secretary of KCP visited Spain from 18 June 2022 to 25 June 2022 to attend FCI General Assembly Meeting and World Dog Show 2022.

They attended an informal meeting of FCI Asia & Africa Section was held on 19th June 2022 in Madrid. This was an informal meeting to have a common stance during FCI General Assembly Meeting.  Formal meeting General Assembly meeting was held on 20th June 2022.

Colonel (Retd) K. M. Roy addressed FCI General Assembly on Issue of expulsion of Russia from FCI because of Ukraine war. Col Roy gave a very powerful speech about not taking sides on basis of political inclinations. Everyone in the assembly applauded the speech and it also helped people in making the right choice at the end. Majority voted in favour of Russia.

In FCI General Assembly, all voting is done electronically. This one small gadget is given to every country and if a country has a proxy of any country, two gadgets are given. Pakistan had proxy of Morocco, hence KCP had two gadgets. There were 74 countries and the result of voting was compiled and announced in one minute and was displayed on two big screens. It ensured secret and accurate voting. There was never any complaint of rigging.

However, as a standby arrangement, in case of any eventuality, arrangements for manual voting was also made. Each country was given three cards, one blue one red and one white. For NO vote delegate was required to raise Red card, for YES Blue and for ABSTAIN vote White. For election, the voting was secret so ballot papers were also prepared. However, this eventuality did not arise so all voting was done electronically.

At FCI, it is the country which is represented and not National Kennel Club. At FCI, for voting and proposals etc., the name of the country is called and not name of the Club. For example, Kennel Club of Pakistan is not called but Pakistan is called. It is not said that this proposal is from KCP but it is said that the proposal is from Pakistan. The image of Pakistan is very good in the FCI International Forum.

President and Secretary KCP also had a chance to meet President of FCI Dr. Tamas Jakkel.

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