Noman Khursheed – Bird Accessories in Rawalpindi

Noman Khursheed is based in Rawalpindi and providing bird related accessories from his home based business. You can also purchase various types of Parrots from him. If you are looking to get any of the accessories mentioned below, contact details are mentioned below.

Name of ProprietorNoman Khursheed

Type of Company: Birds Accessories Provider

Available Accessories:
1. Master Bird Cages
2. Zarrar Bird Cages
3. Hand Feeding Syringes
4. Hand Feeding Needles
5. Bird Picture Cages
6. Bird Show Cages
7. Plastic Breeding Boxes
8. Wooden Breeding Boxes
9. Seed Cleaning Machine
10. Water and Feed Bowls
11. Dollies and Kujjas

City: Rawalpindi

Contact Details:
Noman Khursheed
Address: Asghar Mall Chowk, Rawalpindi.

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