Yawar Yameen Siddiqi – Parrot Breeder in Hyderabad

Yawar Yameen Siddiqi is a hobby parrot breeder in Hyderabad. He has a fully established setup at his farm. Presently he is breeding many good breeds of Parrots and chicks are mostly available for new homes. If you are interested to get a Parrot as pet you can contact the breeder at given contact details.

Breeder: Yawar Yameen Siddiqi

1. African Grey
2. Sunconures
3. Moluccan Cockatoo
4. Umbrella cockatoo
5. Green Wing Macaw
6. Blue Fronted Amazon

City: Hyderabad

Contact Details
Address: Plot No. 32/B, Site Area, Hyderabad.
Yawar Yameen Siddiqi: 03133108881

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