Reem Pet Store – Dogs & Cats Accessories in Faisalabad

At Reem Pet Store, we want to save your time when buying pet food and supplies, that’s why our website is easy to use and we offer a fast, efficient service. We can offer your pets with absolutely everything they need to make their & your life better – from the best dog food & cat food to grooming equipment and their very own homes within the house. All items use the very best ingredients and materials to ensure pets receive the level of care that they deserve as an integral part of the family. We put your pet first. We understand the relationship that pet owners have with their beloved animals and we will only provide the best possible service to benefit your pet.

Name of Company: Reem Pet Store

Status: Shop

Proprietor: M. Sohail Irshad

Type of Company: Dogs & Cats Accessories Provider

Available Accessories: Following and many more accessories are available:-
1. Cat Toys
2. Cat Litter and Litter Boxes
3. Dog Muzzles
4. Harnesses
5. Anti-Flea sprays
6. Chew Toys
7. Training and Show Leashes
8. Dog and Cat Food
9. Tooth Pastes and Brushes
10. Food and Water Bowls
11. Attack Training Sleeves
12. Pet Combs and Brushes
13. Sting Collars for Training
14. Tick & Flea Shampoo
15. Collars and Leashes
16. Jet Boxes
17. Cat Houses
18. Scratch Posts for Cats
19. Grooming gloves
20. Nail Clippers

City: Faisalabad

Contact Details:
M. Sohail Irshad: 03216682313
Address: 9-A, People’s Colony No. 1, Block A, Faisalabad.

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