Ramiro Pet Shop – Pets Accessories in Lahore

Ramiro Pet Shop is a very well organised shop and is full of varieties of all types of accessories for almost all types of pets. Customers have a lot of variety to choose from. It is a fully loaded pet shop with all accessories and almost all variety of pet foods. Ramiro Pet Shop also delivers inside Lahore through bike riders; desired items can be delivered right at your door step. Customer feedback is healthy on items and staff. If you are looking to get any accessory mentioned above contact details are mentioned below.

Shop’s Name: Ramiro Pet Shop

Proprietor: Rabeel Hakeem

Accessories Available: 
1. Brit Dog Food
2. CIBAU Dog Food
3. Royal Canin Dog Food
4. Nutra Gold Dog Food
5. Club Dog Food
6. Club Dog Food
7. Taste of the Wild Dog Food
8. Farmina ECOPET Dog Food
9. Farmina Dog Food
10. Happy Dog Dog Food
11. Happy Cat Cat Food
12. VitaKraft Bird Feed
13. Jet Boxes (All Sizes)
14. Cat Litter
15. Dog Accessories (Collars, Leashes, Toys, Choke Chains, Muzzles, Harnesses etc)
16 Cat Accessories (Cat Houses, Cat Scratches, Cat Toys)
17. Grooming Products (Brushes, Shampoos etc)

City: Lahore

Contact Details:
Rabeel Hakeem
Address: Ramiro Pet Shop, LG-30, New Subhan Shopping Mall, Block H-3, Near Mughal Eye Hospital, Commercial Area, M A Johar Town, Lahore.

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