Butter’s Bae Cattery – Lahore

Arsalan Anjum is a hobby breeder in Lahore. He is breeding good quality Persian Cats in Lahore. His breeding stock is of good quality and two breeding stud cats are also available in the cattery. Mostly kittens are available for new homes. he is also involved in import of good quality CFA pedigreed cats to improve his breeding stock. If you are interested in a pet cat or kitten of high quality contact details of the owner are mentioned below.

1. Persian Cats
2. Peke Faced Persian Cats

3. Seal Lynx Point Himalayan

Breeders: Arsalan Anjum

City: Lahore

Stud Cats Available:
1. Butter, Peke Face Persian
2. Apollo, Peke Face Persian

3. Olaf, Seal Lynx Point Himalayan

Contact Details
Address: 760, N-Block, Samanabad, Lahore.
Arsalan Anjum: 03004968889

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