How a Dog Becomes Grand Champion of Pakistan

How a Dog Becomes Grand Champion of Pakistan is an FAQ during and after every show season. Procedure for becoming grand champion of Pakistan is explained is ‘Latest Dog Show Award System‘ followed by Kennel Club Of Pakistan (KCP) currently. To earn the title of Grand Champion, a dog will have to earn 125 Points (One hundred and twenty five) Points. The points will be counted as given below:-

  1. Challenge Certificate (CC): 10 Points (Maximum 30 Points)
  2. Best of Breed (BOB): 10 Points
  3. Best of Group (BOG): 15 Points (Only in All Breed Shows)
  4. Best in Show (BIS): 25 Points (Only in All Breed Shows)
  5. Reserve Best in Show (Res BIS): 20 Points (Only in All Breed Shows)
  6. Third Best in Show: 10 Points (Only in All Breed Shows)

• In one Show a dog can get only a maximum of 30 Points.
• Unless a Certificate is issued by the Kennel club of Pakistan, dog is forbidden to be called a Grand Champion.

Note: This is not an official website of KCP. This information is shared here just for user reference. KCP is the final authority about any information related to KCP and its affairs. Please refer to KCP’s web portal for official rules and regulations.

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