Eligibility Criteria to Become a KCP Judge

Eligibility Criteria. The current eligibility criteria for KCP judges is as follows:-

  1. Candidate must be a member of KCP.
  2. The candidate must have made and owned one Champion of his own breeding.
  3. Must have bred at least ten litters and registered under his or her name.
  4. Must have attended a KCP Judges Training Workshop.
  5. Must pass a written and practical test organised by the KCP Judging Committee.
  6. He/she must have acted as a Steward for at least five times in a Show including three times under an overseas judge.
  7. After fulfilling these requirement, KCP Judging Committee will evaluate other character qualities like integrity reputation etc., If satisfied Judging Committee may recommend the name to the President of the KCP for further action.

Considerations by Judging Committee of KCP. The word or term “Judge” is quite a serious one and it is taken seriously by KCP.  Apart from eligibility criteria mentioned above there are lot of other things which are considered by the Judging Committee of KCP before approving a candidate as a Dog Judge. Like:-

  1. Integrity
  2. Capability
  3. Strong Determination
  4. Behaviour Towards the Judges
  5. Behaviour towards the Institution
  6. Confidence of the Judging Committee

Apprentice Judging. After fulfilling all criteria and getting approval from Managing Committee, a prospective judge will act as an apprentice judge for at least two full years. During this apprenticeship, he/she will act as apprentices under five judges out of which at least THREE must be foreign judges. Apprentice Judge, in one year will be apprentice judge for more than three shows. If apprentice judge gets recommendation from all the five judges he/she will get license to judge independently.


1. To become a judge is it necessary that the individual is breeder and owner of the champion dog to fulfill the criteria?

Answer: Yes.

2. What if it is a kennel owned by three people, and the kennel name is also registered on all two/ three individuals. Will this be counted as a litter bred by the individual who is registered owner of the female whelping the litter or else wise?

Answer: For the purpose of qualification to become judge all the registered breeders of the Kennel will get credit.

3. How frequent are we having judging workshops being organised in Pakistan under KCP and what is the schedule etc?

Answer: About two workshops are arranged. Schedule are announced by the Judges Committee.

4. How frequent written tests are organised for individuals interested in becoming a judge?

Answer: These tests are scheduled whenever it is felt that there are candidates who are otherwise qualified.

5. He/she has to act as steward in Pakistan or it can be anywhere in the world? If somebody somehow get a chance to act as a Steward in some other country e.g Canada and the country is also not a member of FCI, will his/her event of being a steward be counted or not?

Answer: Any Show anywhere provided it is sanctioned by the Kennel Club of that country or its affiliated Breed Club. And candidate will need to produce a certificate of his appointment as a steward.

6. What is the minimum age limit to fulfill the criteria mentioned in your email?

Answer: There is no minimum or maximum age to become a judge.

7. Does KCP count extra breeding and showing experience in place of breeding a Champion?

Answer: No.

8. Is it compulsory to be temporary or permanent member of KCP to become a KCP approved judge?

Answer: KCP Membership is NOT necessary.

9. Can a KCP approved judge retire from his services of being a judge? Retirement is a personal decision or it is age dependent?

Answer: It is a personal decision.

10. Can a KCP judge turn down an assignment to judge a show for any good/bad reason?

Answer: He can turn down for good reason only.

11. Can KCP cancel license of a judge?

Answer: Of course KCP can cancel a license or suspend it for a prescribed period. Banning, suspension or cancellation of Judging License is informed to FCI also and as per FCI Rules, it is circulated to all the Kennel Clubs and the Judge cannot judge in any FCI country. If you see FCI circular, you will find many such notices.

12. Which all FCI judges we have in Pakistan?

1. Col (Retd) Kenneth M. Roy
2. Ahmed Virk
3. Imran Hussain
4. Mirza Saif Baig

13. If a dog from a specific kennel becomes a champion, will all the registered breeders of the kennel get the credit or they need to produce a champion each separately?

Answer: They all will get the credit.

Note: This is not an official website of KCP. This information is shared here just for user reference. KCP is the final authority about any information related to KCP and its affairs. Please refer to KCP’s web portal for official rules and regulations.

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