Huzaifa – Parrot Breeder in Hyderabad

Huzaifa is a hobby parrot breeder in Hyderabad. He has a fully established setup at his home. Presently he is breeding many good breeds of Lovebirds and Parrots and chicks are mostly available for new homes. If you are interested to get a Parrot as pet you can contact the breeder at given contact details.

Breeder: Huzaifa

1. Lutino Red Eye Lovebirds
2. Lutino Black Eye Lovebirds
3. Albino Lovebirds
4. Personata Lovebirds
5. Mauve Lovebirds
6. Silver Mauve Lovebirds
7. Violet Lovebirds
8. Fishers
9. Sable Fishers
10. Lutino Fishers
11. Lutino Personata Lovebirds

City: Hyderabad

Contact Details
Address: Hyderabad.
Huzaifa: 03152284403

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