Shah Jee Bird Shop – Bird Accessories in Sarai Alamgir

Shah Gee Birds is an accessories shop which is providing bird related accessories. The shop is also dealing in sale and purchase of pet birds and bird feed. So the clients can buy birds, accessories and feed all at one place. If you are looking to get any of the accessories mentioned below, contact details are mentioned below. For more details of accessories you can visit their Facebook page also.

Name of CompanyShah Gee Birds

Name of Proprietor: Syed Mahmood Shah

Type of Company: Bird Accessories Provider

Available Accessories:
1. Folding Bird Cages
2. Breeding Boxes
3. Matkiyan & Kujjas
4. Wooden Bird Cages
5. Plastic Pots (Feed & Water pots)
6. Pet Birds
7. Birds Feed

City: Sarai Alamgir

Contact Details:
Syed Mehmood Shah
Near habib Bank, Yasin Market, Khadda Chowk, Sarai Alamgir.

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