Fish House – Aquarium Accessories Islamabad

Name of Shop: Fish House

Name of Proprietor: Muhammad Subhan

Status: On-Line Shop

Type of Company: Aquarium Accessories Provider

Available Accessories:
1. Various Sizes of used and new Aquariums
2. Aquarium Nets
3. Aquarium Air Pumps and Double Pump Air Motors
4. Aquarium Gravels and Colorful Stones
5. Aquarium Toys
6. Aquarium Woods
7. Aquarium Hanging Filters
8. Aquarium Power Filters
9. Aquarium Artificial Plants and Flowers

City: Islamabad.

Brief Introduction:
Fish House is an Islamabad based on-line shop which is providing aquarium related accessories. This shop is mainly dealing in used and new aquariums of various sizes. Customer feed back regarding quality of the items is very healthy. If you are looking to get any of the accessories mentioned above, contact details are mentioned below.

Contact Details:
Muhammad Subhan
Address: Koral Chowk, Near Bilal Masjid, Islamabad.

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