H. K. Traders – Birds Accessories Karachi

Name of Company: H. K. Traders

Name of Proprietor: Haider Ali Khan

Type of Company: Birds Accessories Provider

Available Accessories:
1. Feet Rings
2. Seed Cleaners
3. Show Cages
4. Hand Feeding Syringes and Needles
5. Exotic Cats
6. Taxidermy (Expired Birds Dummies / Stuffed Birds)

City: Karachi

Brief Introduction:
H. K. Traders is a Karachi based company which is providing birds related pets accessories. It also provides home delivery through TCS with additional courier charges. Customer feed back regarding quality of the items and response from the company till delivery of the items is very healthy. If you are looking to get any of the accessories mentioned above, contact details are mentioned below.

Contact Details:
Haider Ali Khan
Address: Metroville, SITE Area, Karavhi.


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