Waqas Awan – Parrot Breeder in Rawalpindi

Waqas Awan is a hobby parrot breeder in Rawalpindi. He is breeding good quality of pet parrots. He has a Birds breeding setup at his home and mostly Chicks are available for new homes. He also provides cargo facility to his clients on additional payment. If you are looking to get a parrot for your home his contact details are mentioned below.

BreederWaqas Awan

Breeds: Following parrot breeds are being bred:-
1. Eno Cockatiels
2. Common White Cockatiels
3. Pearl Cockatiels
4. Crested Fallow Budgerigars
5. Hogoromo
6. Red Eyes Budgerigars
7. Red Eyes Crested Splits
8. King Size Budgerigars
9. Under Size Budgerigars
10. King Size Crested Budgerigars
11. TCB
12. Hogoromo

City: Rawalpindi

Contact Details:
Waqas Awan: 03313868786
Address: Adyala Road, Rawalpindi.

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