Exotic Persians Cattery – Cat Breeder in Sialkot

Exotic Persians Cattery is a hobby cattery situated in Sialkot. This cattery is producing Awesome Kind Of Healthy Exotic Persian Kittens Out Of Exotic Specimens. Exotic Persians Cattery is also involved in import of excellent exotic specimens from abroad out of CFA pedigreed stock to improve local breeding of exotic Persians. Stud cats and breeding females of Exotic Persians Cattery are excellent specimens and kittens are mostly available for new homes. If you are interested in a pet cat or kitten of high quality contact details of the owner are mentioned below.

Cattery NameExotic Persians Cattery

1. Exotic Cats
2. Persian Cats
3. Peke Faced Persian Cats

BreedersHammad Saleem

City: Sialkot

Stud Cats Available:
1. Tony of Munchland Cattery (Kuwait), Peke Faced
2. Wasco, Peke Faced

Contact Details
Address: Exotic Persians Cattery, Pasrour Road, Saleem Town, Sialkot.
Hammad Saleem

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