Registration Of Non-Pedigreed But Pure-Bred Dogs By KCP

The Kennel Club UK, has started registering non pedigreed (pure bred) dogs. KCP also registers non-pedigree (pure bred) dogs.

1. Procedure is that the owner of such dog has to apply for registration by giving two photographs of the dogs. One side pose photograph and the other from the front. A bank draft of Rs. 1800/- will also be sent along (Rs. 1000/- for registration, Rs. 500/- for ownership certificate and Rs. 300 processing fee). Bank draft will be made payable to Kennel Club Of Pakistan.

  1. The applicant has to mention that how he/she acquired the dog.
  2. Any KCP judge will be asked to have a look at the dog and give opinion if the dog is representative of the breed or not. (If the dog is rejected by the judge, the fee will be remitted.)
  3. If everything is OK the dog is registered with unknown pedigree ie with unknown parents.
  4. KCP registration number will be issued to such dogs.
  5. Names of sire and dam will be written as ‘Unknown’ on the pedigree, while issuing the pedigree to such dogs.
  6. Such dog can compete in the shows and even in FCI Shows and can compete and get CCs but such dogs cannot compete for CACIB.
  7. When such dog breeds, the name of this dog will be in the column of Sire or Dam, but the names of Grand-sire and Grand-dam are mentioned as ‘Unknown’ in the pedigree.
  8. This would become one generation pedigree of the litter.
  9. FCI rules say that dogs with minimum three generation pedigrees registered with national kennel organization can compete for CACIB.
  10. When such third generation of such dogs reach a level where they have three generations pedigree ie that names of parents, grandparents and great-grand parents are mentioned on the pedigree then they can compete for CACIB also.
  11. As far as KCP is concerned there is no age limit to take up case for such registration of non-pedigreed but pure bred dogs.
  12. Postal address for sending the pictures and bank draft etc is as follows:-

Colonel (Retd) K. M. Roy
House No. 448, B-Block, EME Society, Multan Road, Lahore.

Relevant Fee has to be deposited online in KCP’s bank account. Bank account details are mentioned below:-

Account No: 0010002125810043
Branch Code: 0529
Account Title: Kennel Club of Pakistan
Branch: ABL Hall Road, Lahore.

  1. Case shall be sent via TCS/Courier Service.
  2. In case of any problems contact Kamran Ilyas on KCP help desk at 03064435565.

Note: This is not an official website of KCP. This information is shared here just for user reference. KCP is the final authority about any information related to KCP and its affairs. Please refer to KCP’s web portal for official rules and regulations.

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