Furry Paws Cattery – Rawalpindi

Furry Paws Cattery is a hobby cattery breeding Persian Cats in Rawalpindi. This cattery is producing Awesome and healthy Persian Kittens. The cattery is mostly interested in white Persian Cats. Odd eyes Persians are also available. The breeder is a DVM Student at UVAS, hence health and maintenance of cats and kittens are guaranteed. If you are interested in a pet cat or kitten of high quality contact details of the owner are mentioned below.

Cattery Name: Furry Paws Cattery

1. Doll Faced Persians
2. Semi Punch Face Persians
3. Odd Eyes Persians

Breeder: Shahzada M. Asad Gulzar

City: Rawalpindi

Contact Details
Address: Bismillah Abad, Girja Road, Rawalpindi.
Shahzada M. Asad Gulzar: 03125229559

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