List of Rabbit Food Dealers in Pakistan

Many people ask me about Rabbit food dealers/suppliers. I made an endeavour to place all related information at one place for collective benefit of all Cat lovers. Following are few Rabbit food dealers in Major cities of Pakistan. There will surely be more but I could get in touch with few. If you know more people dealing in Rabbit Feed, you can mention their name, city, cell number and dog food brand in the comments below. I will add them in the list.

  1. Nosherwan Ali, Layyah
    Chubby Bunnies, Layyah City.
    Rabbit Feed of international standard prepared with 15 ingredients. PKR 80/- per KG. Minimum order 40Kgs.
  2. The Pets Farm, Karachi
    Korangi Dhai, Radio Pakistan Society, Karachi.
    Rabbit Feed of international standard prepared with 20% Protein.
    Ali Rayan: 03170271679

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