Chubby Bunnies – Rabbit Breeder in Layyah

Nosherwan Ali is breeding almost all major breeds of Rabbits in Layyah. He is a hobby breeder. He has a Rabbit breeding setup at home and mostly babies are available for new homes. He is also involved in import of fancy rabbit breeds of good quality to improve his breeding stock. He also prepares his own international standard Rabbit Feed by using 15 ingredients. That feed is also commercially available with him. If you are looking to get a rabbit for your home or Rabbit Feed his contact details are mentioned below.

BreederNosherwan Ali

Farm NameChubby Bunnies

1. Lion Lop
2. English Angora
3. Lion Head Lop
4. Holland Lop
5. Mini Lop

City: Layyah

Contact Details:
Nosherwan Ali
: Layyah City.

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