Aquatic Plants – Aquarium Plants & Fishes in Lahore

Hassan is a Lahore based aquatic plants and fish grower. He grows various aquarium fishes and plants at his home. You can get these items home delivered as well. Within Lahore items can be delivered via Careem Bike and can be shipped to other cities via TCS. Quality of his items is always very high. He runs a face book page by name of Aquatic Plants Central Lahore and a Facebook Group by the same name.

Name of Online Shop: Aquatic Plants Central Lahore

Name of Proprietor: Hassan

Status: Online / Home Based

Type of Company: Aquarium Plants & Fish Provider

Available Items:
1. Blue Gourami
2. Siamese Algae Eater
3. Red Cherry Shrimps
4. Ghost Shrimps
5. Amazon Sword
6. Ludwigia Repens
7. Hornworth
8. Giant Baby Tears Matt
9. Riccia Moss
10. Hydrilla
11. Tiger Lotus
12. Wisteria
13. Spiral Vallisineria
14. Anubias grown on rock
15. Green Crypts
16. Green Crypt Pot

City: Lahore.

Contact Details:
Hassan: 03224559952
Address: Cantt, Near Askari-1, Lahore.

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