NoorVet Corporation – Horse Accessories Sialkot

Noorvet Corporation was established in 1932 to fill the requirement of the time. Now we have achieved unparalleled success which is no doubt dedicated to its hardworking employees, Marketing and management expertise. To achieve the unique combination of skills and instruments of the finest quality. Noorvet Corporation has devised and created new processes, new equipment and new quality control standards. Noorvet Corporation is producing & supplying the latest and most comprehensive range of Veterinary Instruments, Surgical Instruments, Livestock Equipment, Farrier Tools, Blacksmith Tools/Tongs, Equestrian Metal Products and Equestrian Leather Products.

Name of Company: NoorVet Corporation

Managing Director: Usman Ali Tariq

Status: Factory

Type of Company: Horse Accessories

Available Accessories:
1. Veterinary Instruments
2. Farrier Tools
3. Blacksmith Tools
4. Equine Dental Instruments
5. Equine Grooming Products
6. Stable Products
7. Equine Surgical Instruments
8. Equestrian (Metal)
9. Equestrian (Horse Bits)
10. Equestrian (Leather)

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City: Sialkot, Daska

Contact Details:
Usman Ali Tariq
Address: 8km Daska Road Sialkot – 51340 Pakistan
Postal Address: P.O.Box 631 8Km Daska Road Sialkot-51340 Pakistan

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