Parvo Vaccination of Puppies

Written By:
Col (Retd) K. M. Roy, Pakistan
President KCP & FCI All Breed Judge
Author of “The Magnificent Labrador”
Dog Breeder & Trainer

NO vaccine gives 100% immunity. The best vaccine, given under ideal conditions will only give 95% immunity. The main reasons are: –

  1. First, maternal immunity given to the pup by its mother. This can be anything from eight weeks to 16 weeks or even more in some cases. If a pup is vaccinated in this period maternally derived immunity of pup will neutralize the vaccine.
  2. Second factor is the ineffectiveness of vaccine. If vaccine gets warmed up at any stage from manufacturing, transportation, storage it will become ineffective. If vaccine is not stored at a right temperature it will become useless.
  3. Third factor is health of the pup. If a pup is not in perfect health or has not be properly dewormed, the immune system of the pup remains busy fighting the infection or toxin released by worms so will not be immunized by vaccine.
  4. Fourth factor is characteristic of the breeds. Some breeds do not respond well to vaccination. Rottweiler is one of them.

There is very little independent research on vaccination protocol. Mostly the study is based on the research by the manufacturers of vaccines, who obviously have their own business interests. Most vets follow the protocol spelled by companies manufacturing vaccines because they attend seminars arranged by the companies making vaccine. Different veterinarians in different countries have different protocols. However, there is a consensus among vets that a puppy should receive: –

  1. First parvo virus vaccination at 8 weeks.
  2. The second vaccination should be given after three to four weeks.
  3. A third vaccination is given in three to four more weeks later at about age 14 to 15 weeks.
  4. Last vaccination should be given at about age 17 to 18 weeks.
  5. Once the puppy vaccination is complete dog should receive a booster vaccination after one year.
  6. Primodog can be used as first and second dose. Eurican DHPPi2-L can be used for third and fourth dose. Rabisin can be given at five months age.

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