How to Choose a Stud Dog for a Bitch

Anne Taylor, Fabracken Kennels,UK

When a question was floated to Anne Taylor of Fabracken Kennels,UK.

Question: How do you choose a stud dog for a bitch? Do you look at his pedigree, his type or something else? Do you prefer to use line-breeding or out-cross?

Answer: The 10 million dollars question! Choosing a stud dog is an absolute nightmare. How to improve on certain features, and yet not lose others. Having assessed my own bitch I then look at various dogs. I’m looking to see they are typical of the breed (not necessarily successful show dogs) and that they do not have the same faults as my bitch. Then I look at their pedigree. On occasions I have used a dog whose pedigree has what I’m looking for even if the dog is not outstanding himself. But he does have to have some quality to him. And of course acceptable health test results. And temperament, and preferably some known working ability or at least some known ability behind him. Easy isn’t it? I prefer to line-breed but occasionally do an out-cross mating to bring certain points in, though I like that dog to be of a similar type to my own if possible”.

While advising the novice breeders Honourable Anne Taylor said:-

“Don’t run before you can walk. Don’t collect a lot of dogs too quickly, especially poor quality ones. Spend time watching good dogs and talking to top breeders. You can only learn by absorbing information over a period of time, it doesn’t happen overnight. In fact the longer you are in dogs the more you realize how little you do know. Aim to have the best quality dogs you can in your kennel. You can only do this by being critical of your own dogs. It’s no good ignoring their faults and failings, and in order to see these you need to first learn what they are. Then you can improve. And overall be patient in everything you do, and enjoy your dogs. That’s why we have them”.

While advising the novice breeders Honourable Erica Jayes, Sandylands, Said:-

“Listen and learn – even experienced breeders do this. Don’t be afraid to seek the advice of successful long term breeders as the majority will be there to help you. Don’t leave a show as soon as you have finished showing – sit and watch the judging, never be kennel blind and always see the faults in your own dogs, look for the good things in other people’s dogs. You may not always agree with everyone but just remember, as I was taught, that your own opinion might not be the right one”.

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