Mehran Birds Paradise – Pheasant Breeder in Sahiwal

Mehran Javed is breeding almost all major breeds of Pheasants in Sahiwal. He is a hobby breeder. He has a Birds breeding setup in his breeding shed and mostly Chicks are available for new homes. He also provides cargo facility to his clients on additional payment. He can ship birds to his international client by air cargo as well. He can also be followed on his FaceBook page ie Mehran Birds Paradise. If you are looking to get a Pheasant for your home his contact details are mentioned below.

Shop NameMehran Birds Paradise

BreederMehran Javed

1. Red Golden Pheasants
2. Yellow Golden Pheasants
3. Silver Pheasants
4. Ring Neck Pheasants
5. Lady Amherst Pheasants
6. Reeve Pheasants
7. Black Peacocks
8. Blue Peacocks
9. White Peacocks
10. Pied Peacocks
11. Pied Blue Peacocks
12. Purple Neck Peacocks
13. Cameo Peacocks
14. Octane Peacocks
15. Purple Pied Peacocks
16. Cameo Pied Peacocks
17. Green Jawa Original Peacocks
18. Green Jawa Indonesian Peacocks
19. Green Emerald Peacocks

City: Sahiwal

Contact Details:
Mehran Javed
Address: Distt Courts, Chichawatni, Sahiwal.

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