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Pug Dog Club of Pakistan was registered with Kennel Club of Pakistan in 2014. It was founded by Pug Enthusiasts to promote and look after welfare of this breed throughout Pakistan. Due to sheer efforts of the club Pug Dogs made a place in Pakistan both in breeding circles and Show ring as well. Presently it is also seeking an affiliation with Pug Dog Club of USA.

Managing Committee

President: Faheem Asghar (03015555555)

Vice President: Sheraz Hussain (03228442424)

Secretary: Arshad Bhatti (03004412361)

Chairman Show Committee: Jasim Ishaq (03248439902)

Litter Inspection & Microchipping – Effective from 01, June 2017

With a view to guarding the interests of PUG fanciers and all stake holders, following procedure is introduced by The Kennel Club of Pakistan KCP:-

1. On behalf of the Kennel Club of Pakistan, microchipping and litter inspection of Pug club will be done by Pug dog Club of Pakistan (PDCP) only.
2. The Fee of Microchipping will be Rs. 1500/- for each pup.
3. As soon as a bitch is mated but not later than 7 days, the breeder will inform the PDCP giving the name and KCP number of the Dam and Sire. This information could be sent by SMS, WhatsApp, and email or by post. PDCP will advertise their email address and telephone number at which to send this information. KCP will also display this information on its web.
4. As soon as litter is born but not later than 7 days, the breeder will inform the PDCP , giving address where litter could be inspected. The representative of the PDCP will check the number of pups and note down umber of pups, sexes and colors for record.
5. For Litter Registration, the Breeders, as per KCP Rules, along with Registration Fee, by Pay Order, will apply to KCP on prescribed litter registration form. After checking the details with KCP databank, the KCP will send this form to the PDCP. The PDCP will send its representative to inspect the litter and after comparing it with initial inspection record, microchip the pups and record these numbers on the Litter Registration form. At the time of microchipping, the Microchipping Fee will be given to the representative of the PDCP microchipping the pups. After verification and signatures of the President/OR VICE PRESIDENT & SECTARY of the PDCP the form will be sent back to Kennel Club of Pakistan. The Pedigree Papers will be issued by the KCP and sent to the Breeder. Fee of Microchipping (Rs. 1500/- per pup) will be paid by the Breeder at the time of microchipping.
6. Microchipping can be done at six weeks of the birth of the litter. After microchipping, the pups can leave the premises of the owner any time.
7. To speed up microchipping and litter inspection, it will be the duty of the Club to appoint responsible and dedicated representation in major cities. If a permanent representation is not available in any city, Club can delegate this power to any other responsible person.
8. This system will be operative from 1st June 2017. From 1st January 2017, dogs born after 1st June 2017, will not be allowed to be shown if not microchipped.

Following individuals have been nominated by the club to inspect litters and Microchip litters and dogs:-
1. Lahore: Sheraz Hussain (03228442424)
2. Karachi: Atta Ur Rehman Khan (03008222186)
3. Islamabad: Vet Dr. Faisal Ibrahim (03335170666) & Shahnawaz Khan Barki (03335555092)
4. Multan: Hafiz Rehan (03006382143)

Contact Details:
Address: Shama, Ichhra, Lahore.
Facebook: CLICK HERE

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