Fish Palace – Aquarium Accessories in Faisalabad

Fish Palace is a Faisalabad based shop which is providing aquarium related accessories. With accessories you can also buy Aquarium Fishes and fish feeds from the shop. Customer feedback about all the items provided by the shop is excellent. You can choose your desired item from a wide range of variety available at the shop.

Name of ShopFish Palace

Name of Proprietor: Haroon Bashir Butt

Status: Shop

Type of Company: Aquarium Accessories Provider

Available Accessories:
1. Various Sizes of Aquariums
2. Reefs
3. Aquarium Plants
4. Aquarium Fishes
5. Corals
6. Aquarium Magnet Scrappers
7. Aquarium Nets
8. Aquarium Air Pumps
9. Aquarium Gravels
10. Aquarium Toys
11. Aquarium Woods
12. Aquarium Magnet Scrappers
13. Aquarium Fiber Pieces
14. Aquarium Hanging Filters
15. Aquarium Canister Filters
16. Aquarium Power Filters
17. Aquarium Artificial Plants

City: Faisalabad

Contact Details:
Haroon Bashir Butt
Address: Ali Plaza, Ground Floor, D_Ground, Faisalabad.

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