Pets in Kharian – Bird Accessories in Kharian

Pets in Kharian is a Kharian based online store which providing almost every accessory related to birds. The store is providing cash on delivery across Pakistan. Customer feed back regarding quality of the items is very healthy. Other than accessories you can also get hand feeds both local and imported at reasonable prices. Local and imported medicines are also available both allopathic and homeopathic. If you are looking to get any of the accessories mentioned above, contact details are mentioned below.

Shop NamePets in Kharian

Name of Proprietor: Ammar Wassan

Type of Company: Birds Accessories Provider

Status: Online Store

City: Kharian

Available Accessories:
1. Feet Rings
2. Feet Ring Holders
3. Hand Feeding Syringes
4. Hand Feeding Needles
5. PVC Picture Cages
6. PVC Show Cage
7. PVC & Wooden Breeding Boxes
8. Colony Seeding Trays
10. Bird Cages
11. Cage Accessories (Feed Pots and Water Dispensers)
12. Bird Leg Chains & Harnesses
13. Imported Medicines
14. Homeopathic Medicines
15. Calcium Blocks
16. Feet Ring Cutters
17. Breeding Boxes with Washable Trays
18. PVC Colony Seed Hopper
19. Spot Welded Cages
20. Folding / Collapsible Cages
21. Imported Hand Feeds
22. Imported Hand Feeding Instruments

Contact Details:
Ammar Wassan
Address: Kharian.

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