Pure Pets – Dogs & Cats Accessories in Multan

Pure Pets is a Multan based accessories shop which is providing dogs and cats related accessories. All items are available in good quality and quantity. The shop provides home delivery of the items as well. Customer feedback is also good about their items and services. If you are looking to get any of the accessories mentioned below, contact details are mentioned below. For more details of accessories you can visit their Facebook page also.

Name of Shop: Pure Pets

Name of Proprietor: Khurram Saeed Qureshi

Type of Company: Dogs & Cats Accessories Provider

Available Accessories: Following and many more accessories are available:-
1. Dog teether
2. Dog brush
3. Shampoo
4. Cat collars
5. Belts
6. Harness
7. Clothes
8. Beds
9. Cages
10. Cat scratch posts
11. Food bowls
12. Chew toys
13. Chew bones
14. Tick flea sprays
15. Pet shampoos
16. Pet Multi vitamins
17. Praferan Dewormers
18. Calcium chew bones
19. Cat bell collars
20. Cat clips
21. Cat toys
22. Calcium supplements
23. Dog harness
24. Dog muzzled
25. Jet boxes
26. Cat litter
27. Cat Litter trays
28. Cat beds

City: Multan.

Contact Details:
Khurram Saeed Qureshi: 03239632476
Address: Shah Ruqn-e-Alam, Multan.

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