Cavani Sapere Fidelis – GSD Stud in Islamabad

Cavani Sapere Fidelis is a handsome long coat boy imported from Poland. Cavani has been doing very well in show ring as well and he is SG1 Poland. Cavani is available for stud services to approved females in Islamabad. If you are interested to use Cavani as stud, you can contact the owner at given contact details.

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Colour: Black & Tan

City: Islamabad

Coat Type: Long Coat

Breeder KennelSapere Fidelis Kennels, Poland

BreederAgnieszka Kowalska-Szarek, Poland

Owner Kennel: Vom Excellence

Owner: Junaid Satti

Name: Cavani Sapere Fidelis

Sire: VA1, Fantom Team Ulmental, IPO2

DamNala vom Kirschental, IPO1

Date of Birth: 1st March 2017

Breed Survey / DNA: Not Due Yet

HD / ED: Cleared

Contact Details:
Junaid Satti
Address: G-14, Islamabad.

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