Yasir Ali Buslana- Parrot Breeder Jhang

Farm Name: M Y A Farms

Breeder: M. Yasir Ali Buslana Sial

1. Cockatiels
2. Finches
3. Diamond Doves
4. Plum Head Parrots
5. Budgerigars
6. Java
7. Lovebirds
8. Ringnecks
9. Mustached Parrots
10. Raw Parrots
11. African Gray Parrots

City: Jhang.

Brief Introduction:
M. Yasir Ali Buslana Sial  is breeding many good varieties of Parrots in Jhang. He is a hobby breeder. He has a breeding setup at home and mostly chicks are available for new homes. He also provides cargo facilities to his buyers on additional payment if asked. Any type of birds can be arranged on advance payment. If you are looking to get parrots for your home his contact details are mentioned below.

Contact Details:
M. Yasir Ali Buslana Sial
Address: Sadar, Jhang.

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