Master Incubators – Manufacturing & Repair in Peshawar

Master Incubators is a Peshawar based company which is working on repair and manufacture of Incubators. In incubators prepared by this company, the latest microprocessor technology is employed in incubator controller and all components are passed the National Mandatory 3C certification, hence, quality and usage of their equipment is more reliable. With high intelligence and measurement accuracy (±0.1°C). During the process of incubation, temperature control, over-temperature alarm and egg turning are automatically done by the controller.
Besides the control panel is easy to operate. Above all, the digital incubator controller is the ideal equipment for breeding poultry and rare birds and for small and medium-sized hatchery. Customer feed back about all items provided by them is healthy. If you are looking to get any of the incubator mentioned above, contact details are mentioned below.

Name of Company: Master Incubators

Name of ProprietorWajid Nazeer

Type of Company: Incubator Manufacture and Repair

Available Accessories: Incubators.

City: Peshawar.

Sizes and Prices: Fully Automatic Industrial Incubators Available in different sizes:-
1. 50 Eggs Rs 10,500 wooden box.
2. 100 Eggs Rs 15,500 wooden box.
3. 264 Eggs Rs 55,000 iron sheet box.
4. 352 Hen Eggs or 252 Peacock Eggs Rs 60,000.
5. 440 Hen Eggs or 315 Peacock Eggs Rs 65,000.
6. 528 Hen Eggs or 353 Peacock Rs 80,000.
7. 1056 Hen Eggs or 756 Peacock Eggs Rs 1,40,000.

1. Digital displaying of temperature, humidity and turning frequency.
2. Fully automatic temperature controlling.
3. Fully automatic humidity controlling.
4. Fully automatic eggs turning.
5. Fully automatic alarming.
6. Fully automatic cooling and ventilation.
7. Backup emergency system.
8. Microcomputer, completely automatic incubator.
9. Using coal and electricity two heating methods.
10. Hatching rate more than 98%.

Technical Parameters:
1. Temperature display range: 5~50°C.
2. Temperature survey accuracy: ±0.1°C.
3. Humidity display range: 0—99%RH.
4. Humidity display accuracy: 1%RH.
5. Quantity of output circuits: 7 (high temperature, temperature control,low temperature, egg turning left, egg turning right, humidity control and alarm)
6. Output current: temperature control, low temperature in 10A, others in 1A.
7. Times of egg turning: Max record is 999.
8. Egg turning period: Adjustable between 0.1 and 99.9 hours (fixed in 1.5 hours when leaving the factory).
9. Egg turning time: Adjustable between 1 and 255 seconds (fixed in 180 seconds when leaving the factory).
10. Ventilation period: Adjustable between 5 and 999 minutes (fixed in zero when leaving the factory, no ventilation).
11. Ventilation time: Adjustable between 0 and 999 seconds (fixed in 30 seconds when leaving the factory).
12. Length of measuring line: Around 1.5 meters.

Contact Details:
Wajid Nazeer
Address: Muhammad Miskeen Repairing Center, Tipu Sultan Road, Kali Bari Bazar, Near GPO, Sadar, Peshawar.

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