Shah Badshah Bird House – Pigeon Breeder Lahore

Breeder: Syed Abdullah Shah

1. Black American
2. Red American
3. Grey American
4. Yellow American
5. Black Tail American
5. White Pied American
6. Grizzle American
7. White American
8. Almond American
9. Tiger American
10. Yellow Strasser
11. White German Beauty
12. Black Mukki
13. Black Vienna Tumbler
14. Budpest
15. Jacobin
16. Frill Back
17. Maltese
18. Saddle
19. Egyptian Swift Golden Neck
20. Pouter
21. Long Face

City: Lahore.

Brief Introduction:
Syed Abdullah Shah is a hobbt breeder of fancy pigeons in Lahore. He is having a very good quality of breeding setup and is breeding all main fancy pigeon breeds in excellent quality. He is a known name in Pigeon circles of Pakistan. Most of the time chicks of fancy pigeons are available for new homes. If you are looking to buy fancy piegon breeding stock or chicks you can contact Syed Abdullah Shah on given details.

Contact Details:
Syed Abdullah Shah
Address: Ichra, Lahore.

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