Dr. Waqas Mughal – Parrot Breeder Gujranwala

Breeder: Dr. Waqas Mughal

1. Common Budgerigars
2. Red Eyes Budgerigars
3. Red Eyes Crested Budgerigars
4. Fallow Budgerigars
5. Fallow Crested Budgerigars
6. Exhibition Budgerigars
7. Albino Red Eyes Lovebirds
8. Albino Black Eyes Lovebirds
9. Lutino Persnata Red Eyes Lovebirds
10. Blue Mask Love Birds
11. Sable Lovebirds
12. Pied Lovebirds
13. White Ring Neck
14. Yellow Ring Neck
15. Blue Ring Neck
16. Green Ring Neck
17. Raw
18. Eclectus
19. Sunconure
20. Nanday Conure
21. Rainbow Lori

City: Gujranwala.

Brief Introduction:
Dr. Waqas Mughal is breeding almost all good varieties of Parrots in Gujranwala. He is a known names in Gujranwala for Parrots. He is a hobby breeder. He has a breeding setup at home and mostly chicks are available for new homes. If you are looking to get parrots for your home his contact details are mentioned below.

Contact Details:
Dr. Waqas Mughal
Address: Ferozwala Road, Gujranwala.


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