Fishland Aquariums – Aquarium Accessories Lahore

Fishland Aquariums is a Lahore based shop which is providing aquarium related accessories. Over the last 20 years in Pakistan, Fishland is the premier source for all aspects of the aquarium hobby including freshwater, saltwater, reefs, plants, ponds, and more. We have two floors filled with fish, coral, aquatic plants, tanks and equipment to choose from. Importing fish and aquarium accessories from across the world including Thailand, China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Vietnam, Fishland, in Pakistan, is the biggest and most robust entity in retail and whole-sale of freshwater and marine aquarium products. Come and experience over 100+ tanks of marine and freshwater livestock or choose one from our specially and carefully catered combinations of freshwater, marine water or livestock aquariums.

Name of Shop: Fishland Aquariums

Name of Proprietor: Syed Ahmed Faraz

Status: Shop

Type of Company: Aquarium Accessories Provider

Available Accessories:
1. Various Sizes of Aquariums
2. Fresh Water & Salt Water Reefs
3. Aquarium Plants
4. Aquarium Fishes
5. Corals
6. Aquarium Magnet Scrappers
7. Aquarium Nets
8. Aquarium Air Pumps
9. Aquarium Gravels
10. Aquarium Toys
11. Aquarium Woods
12. Aquarium Magnet Scrappers
13. Aquarium Fiber Pieces
14. Aquarium Hanging Filters
15. Aquarium Canister Filters
16. Aquarium Power Filters
17. Aquarium Artificial Plants

City: Lahore.

Contact Details:
Syed Ahmed Faraz
Address: Samanabad, Lahore.

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