Online Pets Fashion – Dogs & Cats Accessories Karachi

Online Pets Fashion is a Karachi based pets accessories store mostly dealing with dogs and cats related accessories. They also home deliver their items and they also provide Cash on Delivery (COD) service. Customer feed back regarding quality of the items is very healthy. If you are looking to get any of the accessories mentioned above, contact details are mentioned below. For more details of accessories you can visit their Facebook page also.

Name of Company: Online Pets Fashion

Name of Proprietor: Rahul Yaqoob

Status: On-Line Store

Type of Company: Dogs & Cats Accessories Provider

Available Accessories: Following and many more accessories are available:-
1. Cat Toys
2. Cat Litter and Litter Boxes
3. Cat Bells, Bows & Shirts
4. Harnesses
5. Anti-Flea Medicated Collars
6. Pet Beds
7. Training and Show Leashes
8. Pet Themed Wall Stickers
9. Tooth Pastes and Brushes
10. Food and Water Bowls
11. Magic Cleaning Brushes
12. Pet Combs and Brushes
13. Sting Collars for Training
14. E-Collars
15. LED Collars
16. Nail Clippers

City: Karachi

Contact Details:
Rahul Yaqoob
Address: Karachi.

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