JZN Poultry – Fancy Poultry Breeder in Lahore

Name of Farm: JZN Poultry

Name of Breeders:

  1. Makhdoom Nouman Shah
  2. Dr. Junaid Hanif

Fancy Poultry Breeds Available:

  1. Black Polish
  2. White Polish
  3. Silver Polish
  4. Golden Polish
  5. Buff Polish
  6. Blue Polish
  7. White Silky
  8. Black Silky
  9. Silver Silky
  10. Golden Silky
  11. Black Polish Black Crested
  12. White Polish Black Crested

Contact Details
Address: F-Block, Tariq Gardens, Near WAPDA Town, Lahore.
Email: noumanshah@gmail.com
Makhdoom Nouman Shah: 03126508602
Dr. Junaid Hanif: 03156331913

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