Yawar Yameen Siddiqi – Deer Breeder Hyderabad

Yawar Yameen Siddiqi is a deer breeder in Hyderabad. He has a newly started setup with only Indian Gazelles aka Chinkara Deer. In future he also plans to add Black Buck (Kala Hiran), Indian Hog (Phara), Spotted Deer (Chital) and Fallow Deer. If you are interested to get a Chinkara Deer for your farm house you can contact the breeder at given contact details.

Breed: Indian Gazelles (Chinkara)

Breeder: Yawar Yameen Siddiqi

City: Hyderabad

Contact Details
Address: Plot No. 32/B, Site Area, Hyderabad.
Yawar Yameen Siddiqi: 03133108881

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