Dodo’s Pets Farm – Rabbit Breeder in Karachi

Mansoor Mirza is breeding almost all major breeds of Rabbits in Karachi. He is a hobby breeder. He has a Rabbit breeding setup at home and mostly babies are available for new homes. He is also involved in import of fancy rabbit breeds of good quality to improve his breeding stock. If you are looking to get a rabbit for your home his contact details are mentioned below.

Breeder: Mansoor Mirza

Farm Name: Dodo’s Pets Farm

1. Checkered Giant
2. English Angora
3. Netherlands Marten
4. Lion Head Lop
5. Holland Lop
6. Mini Lop
7. Lion Head Angora
8. Teddy Bear Dwarf
9. French Angora
10. New Zealand White
11. Lion Lop
12. Giant Angora
13. Lion Head Dwarf
14. Fuzzy Lop
15. Flemish Giant
16. Giant Lop
17. German Giant
18. French Lop
19. Lion Head Dwarf
20. Netherland Dwarf
21. Teddy Bear Dwarf
22. Dwarf Hotot

City: Karachi

Contact Details:
Mansoor Mirza: 03222444564
Address: Near Rab Medical Center, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Block-2, Karachi.

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