KCP Forms – Usage & Fees

Following forms are also available on Official Website of KCP. For ease of users of this website these forms have been uploaded here as well. Forms and Latest Fee structure can be seen on THIS LINK.

Fee & Usage

Charges of different procedures and use of various forms is explained below:

1. Litter Registration:
Rs.2000/- (per litter)
Note: This covers ONLY the litter registration and only ownership certificate for each pup of the litter will be given. To get a Pedigree Document for each pup the fee would be Rs. 1000/- for each pup. Rs. 300/- would be KCP fee for each pup.

2. Ownership Transfer:
Rs. 1000/- for new pedigree with new owner’s name.
Rs. 500/- for new ownership certificate with name of new owner’s name.
Rs. 300/- KCP charges.
Note: GSD pedigrees are not handled by KCP. Those are issued by GSDCP. In case of a GSD pedigree new pedigree is not issued. Name of new owner is written on the columns available on the pedigree.

3. Registration Of Non-pedigreed Pure Bred Dog:
Rs. 1000/- for Pedigree Certificate.
Rs. 500/- for Registration.
Rs. 300/- KCP charges.

4. Export Pedigree:
Rs. 2500/- for Export Pedigree
Rs. 300/- KCP charges.
Note: Export pedigree can be obtained from KCP If you want to export a dog. No form for this procedure is available. Write an application to the KCP authorities directly.

5. Imported Dog Registration:
Rs. 2800/- Per dog for registration.
Rs. 1500/- Per dog for microchip (if already not microchipped.

6. Kennel Name Registration:
Rs. 15000/- Per Kennel Name.
Rs. 300/- KCP charges.

Please note that Registration Fee is non-refundable if the dogs to be registered do not fulfill KCP’s requirement of Registration. Please keep in mind that according to the new rule of KCP, effective from 1st January 2012, the age of the bitch has to be at least eighteen months at the time of mating. Submit litter registration form accordingly.

Fully filled form with the bank draft can be sent to following address via TCS. Address for TCS is mentioned below:

Colonel (Retd) K. M. Roy
House No. 448, B-Block, EME Society, Multan Road, Lahore.

Relevant Fee has to be deposited online in KCP’s bank account. Bank account details are mentioned below:-

Account No: 0010002125810043
Branch Code: 0529
Account Title: Kennel Club of Pakistan
Branch: ABL Hall Road, Lahore.

Note: This is not an official website of KCP. This information is shared here just for user reference. KCP is the final authority about any information related to KCP and its affairs. Please refer to KCP’s web portal for official rules and regulations.

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