GSD Breeding Rules Followed By GSDCP

Following are the GSD breeding rules followed by GSDCP. I have tried to made and endeavour to understand and explain GSD Breeding rules for collective benefit.

No male dog shall be used at stud until he attains the age of 2 years and must pass the Breed Survey before he is used at stud for the first time. No female shall be bred from before attaining 20 months age and must pass the Breed Survey before being mated for the first time.

If mating takes place before the dog or bitch has achieved minimum breeding age, and/or with out ZTP clearance, the litter will not be registered by GSDCP/KCP.

A GSD is due for a ZTP when it reaches 18 months of age. If it clears the ZTP it will again be due for 2nd ZTP after 2 years from 1st ZTP. If 2nd ZTP is also cleared then that GSD is considered/endorsed as ‘ZTP Cleared For Life’. If there is a break between the due date of 2nd ZTP and 2nd ZTP, the dog/bitch cannot be bred from until the dog/bitch is once again surveyed. In the event of a break of six months and above between due date of 2nd ZTP and 2nd ZTP the dog/bitch will not be automatically surveyed for life. It will be presented for a ZTP and it will be cleared for a period of one year ONLY at first and will be cleared for life when presented for ZTP after one year (the following year).

2nd ZTP should done immediately when due. After due date of 2nd ZTP a GSD (male/female) can not be used for breeding until or unless 2nd ZTP is done and passed. If 2nd ZTP is done with a delay of 6 x months and more from the due date, then this ZTP will not be considered as life time ZTP. This ZTP will be valid for one year ONLY. After one year, with out a delay from due date, another ZTP will be done which will be considered as life time ZTP if cleared successfully.

Special Note About White Pedigrees:
Above mentioned Rules#1 & Rule#2 will bring an end to the issue of ‘White Pedigrees’ and encourage the increase in the number of Breed Surveys throughout the year. White Pedigrees shall henceforth only be issued to pups born from parents who have failed the Breed Survey due to either not passing the attack test (when implemented) or possessing BH working grading (when implemented), except under exceptional circumstances.

What are exceptional circumstances?
1. From December of 1999 till March of 2010 no GSD dog could be held due to prevailing situation. Many dogs due for breed survey could not appear in ZTP because no ZTP was held. In that special case only once in GSDCP history so far executive committee of GSDCP gave a special permission for breeding with out ZTP.

2. If Male or Female have not appeared in any ZTP due to the reason that no ZTP was organised when ZTP was due, then dogs can be bred. But still minimum permissible age of mating/breeding will be taken into account. More over minimum grading ‘GOOD’ in an approved dog show is necessary to qualify for a ZTP. It is mandatory to fulfill this condition before breeding. ZTP can be done after the mating/breeding, BUT Minimum grading GOOD in an approved dog show has to be achieved before the male/female is bred. Fulfilling all these conditions if a Male/Female is bred with out ZTP clearance Litter will be issued White Papers. Afterwards when the Male/Female appears in a ZTP, breeder can obtain Pink Papers if the Dog/Bitch clears ZTP. If Dog/Bitch can not qualify the ZTP, Pink Papers will NOT be issued.

3. If enough number of GSDs in some city are due for ZTP and no ZTP is planned by GSDCP in near future, owners can send a request to president GSDCP to conduct a special ZTP. In such case travelling charges of the judge conducting the ZTP will be borne by the exhibitors. If special ZTP is not arranged then exhibitors will have to wait for the next possible/available ZTP as per plan of GSDCP. No GSD can be bred with out a ZTP unless specially permitted by executive body of GSDCP as mentioned above.

Male dogs being used as stud must, between the ages of 2-4 years, be shown at least once during a calendar year at a GSDCP Championship Show judged by the President, the National Breed Warden, or a foreign judge.

This means that after clearing first ZTP till the clearance of 2nd ZTP (life time ZTP) a GSD Male shall must be shown in GSDCP championship show once a year. This is considered essential so as to permit judges, breeders and owners to know the condition and development of a stud that is influencing the development of the breed in the country.

The closest line breeding permissible is 2-3 or 3-2.

1. Closest Line Breeding permissible 2-3 or 3-2 effectively means that a litter cannot have the same grandparent on both sides.
2. If A&B are two GSDs which are to be mated then A&B are Layer-1. Parents of A&B are layer 2. Grand parents of A&B are layer 3. If a particular dog Z is there in layer-3 of A and in layer-2 of B then this would mean that the litter born as result of AxB is line bred to Z at 3-2. This line breeding is allowed.
3. If a particular dog Z is there in layer-2 of A and in layer-3 of B then this would mean that the litter born as result of AxB is line bred to Z at 2-3. This line breeding is allowed.
4. Keeping this example in mind combinations like 2-1, 1-2, and 2-2 will not be allowed. Any combination like 3-2, 2-3 or higher like 4-2, 2-4, 4-1, 1-4, 5-2, 5-3 and so on are allowed.
5. Real brothers and sisters cannot mate.
6. Real brothers and sisters from different litters can not mate.
7. Parent to offspring mating is not allowed.
8. Grand parent to grand offspring mating is not allowed.
9. Great Grand Parent to Great Grand Offspring can be done. It will be 4-1 or 1-4 in the language of breeding Rule#3.
10. Repetition of a particular dog up till 5th generation, ONLY, falls under Line-Breeding.

Dogs must be graded at least “GOOD” at a dog show to qualify for a breed survey.

GSDs have to be shown in an approved show and minimum ‘Good’ grading has to be awarded to qualify for a ZTP. With out ‘Good’ grading a GSD can not appear in ZTP.

Any dog that has a disqualification fault like missing teeth etc will not be permitted to breed and no papers will be issued to its offspring.

1. GSDCP and SV Germany are now registering long coat GSDs. So now long coat is not a fault. They can be exhibited in dog shows.
2. GSDs with missing pre-molars and molars can be awarded ‘Good’ grading (maximum SG ‘Very Good’ grading) in conformation shows and hence their ZTP can also be done but they can get maximum KKL2 grading. Hence, missing molars or missing pre-molars is not a disqualification fault. Missing In-scissors or missing Canines are disqualification fault. Dogs with full 42 dentition can get KKL1 grading in ZTP.
Note On Injuries:
If a GSD was ever shown in any approved show and was given ‘Good’ grading that holds good for the ZTP even if after than grading a GSD looses a teeth due to injury or accident or training. Other injuries like Cut off ear, cut off tail etc also falls under this category. In case of any such injury, matter will be reported to some registered Veterinary Doctor. Veterinary Doctor will make a certificate for such injury and will mention the nature of injury and reason. Owner of such GSD will send this certificate along with original pedigree and ‘Good’ award card of the show to the GSDCP. After checking all these documents GSDCP will stamp the pedigree of that GSD which will indicate that any deficiency in that GSD was caused by the injury. Such GSD can still be graded as KKL1 in ZTP.

As per rules no dog or bitch can be accepted for Breed Survey unless graded with the minimum qualification “GOOD”.  Henceforth, pups bred from a dog or bitch not graded “GOOD” will not be eligible for tattooing nor will pedigree papers be issued to them. It will therefore be a requirement for the Breeder to present the Award Card in the case of a dog or bitch not Breed Surveyed to the Tattooer at the time of applying for the litter to be Tattooed. Club officials responsible for accepting dogs for Breed Survey and the officially accredited Tattooers are advised to ensure compliance to avoid any hardship.

This rules means that although a GSD who has reached minimum age of breeding can be bred with out a ZTP clearance (it can be cleared after wards as explained in explanation to Rule#2 above). But breeder will have to present award card showing that dog was graded as ‘GOOD’, only then litter will be tattooed and white papers will be issued. With out an award card the litter is no legible for registration and tattooing.

This rule will come to play only and only if a special permission by GSDCP executive body is given as explained above.

A GSD (pup/dog) can’t be sold to any one who is not a member of GSDCP or KCP. Similarly any one who is not a member of GSDCP or KCP can not exhibit a GSD in dog shows organised by KCP or GSDCP.

The rules regarding selling and showing of GSDs as per GSDCP web site are not followed. Those are not part of GSDCP breeding/selling/showing rules. A GSD can be sold to any one whether a member of KCP/GSDCP or not and can be transferred to ownership of new owner. Similarly a GSD can be shown by any exhibitor whether member of KCP/GSDCP or not.

The WUSV conference in Ulm 2005 unanimously decided that no VA grading overseas at a Sieger Show shall be after 2007 given to a dog/bitch that does not possess:
1. A Training Qualification
2. Courage Test Qualification
3. Hip Clearance
4. DNA Check

1. In Pakistan a GSD can be awarded a VA grading if he fulfills following conditions:
-DNA Tested (CLICK HERE to see Regulation)
-HD/ED Tested (CLICK HERE to see Regulation)
-Endurance Trial (AD) (CLICK HERE to see Regulation)
-Breed Survey

2. Including Junior Class and  onward DNA test is mandatory in Pakistan because after that dog is legible to appear in ZTP.

3. Owners have to pay for the DNA test of their dogs ie Rs. 15000/- PKR presently. DNA of the dog MUST match with both parents if they are alive, should match with either of the one if one of the parents has died. DNA of imported dogs will be matched with their parents abroad if alive or if their DNA data is available (as maintained by SV Germany). CLICK HERE to read the DNA Regulations as mentioned on GSDCP Website.

Special Note:
I have worked hard in understanding these breeding rules. Still I am not a GSD breeder and I can be wrong. If any ardent GSD fancier observes any mistake in the interpretation of these rules by me, he can post in comments under the article.

Note: This is not an official website of GSDCP. This information is shared here just for user reference. GSDCP is the final authority about any information related to GSDCP and its affairs. Please refer to GSDCP web portal for official rules and regulations. Please CLICK HERE to read Breeding Guidelines mentioned on GSDCP Website.

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