Shaheen Ranch – Fancy Poultry Breeder in Rawalpindi

Syed Muhammad Talha is breeding many types of Fancy Poultry in Rawalpindi. He is a hobby breeder. He has a Poultry breeding setup at his farm house. He is working towards quality breeding by importing good bloodlines into Pakistan. Mostly healthy chicks are available for new homes. If you are looking to buy fancy poultry for your home or farm house his contact details are mentioned below.

BreederSyed Muhammad Talha

Farm NameShaheen Ranch

1. Golden Buff Brahma
2. Japanese Shamoo
3. Golden Partridge
4. Turkeys
5. Black Silkies
6. Blue Brahma
7. White Brahma
8. Mandarin Ducks
9. Indian Runner Ducks
10. Crested Ducks
11. Cayuga Ducks

City: Rawalpindi

Contact Details:
Syed Muhammad Talha: 03212103899
Address: Shaheen Ranch, 1.2 KM, Islamabad Farm Houses, Main Adyala Road, Sood, Rawalpindi.

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