First Time in History – Indonesian Ayam Cemani Imported to Pakistan

The Pet Farm’s Team has become Pioneers in importing Indonesian Ayam Cemani Black Tongued to Pakistan.
Their first Shipment Arrived on January 26, 2021.
Second one Arrived on September 19, 2021.
3rd one is Arrived on 29 November 2021
4th one is Arrived on 14 December 2021 & 5th one is expected are arrive on 14 to 20 February 2022.

Ayam Cemani Meat is Used in treatment of Following Diseases

  1. Treating Sprain
  2. Increase Stamina
  3. Good For Children Growth
  4. Prevent Arthritis
  5. Maintain The Cholesterol Balance
  6. Relieve Stress
  7. Increase Body Metabolism

Let’s find out the benefits of consuming Ayam Cemani chicken meat

Chicken meat is so popular as one of the protein sources needed by our body. There is a lot of nutritional value in chicken meat. Ayam Cemani meat or Cemani Chicken Meat benefits has been known by society since in the past. This is a kind of chicken that is so unique that makes it as one of the most expensive chicken in the world. Ayam Cemani chicken, or people usually call it Cemani chicken is a fowl species which is originally from Kedu Village, Kedu district, Temanggung Regency, Central Java. In its native, many people believe in the mystical power of Cemani chicken. As a result, they think that Ayam Cemani meat also has magic power for their health.

Thus, we really need to be critical to know the truth of the information. Indeed, the meat of Ayam Cemani is really healthy. However, it is not because of the its mystical power, but because it is a real fact. Apart from the myth of Cemani chicken’s mystical power, this chicken is really so beneficial. In addition to be kept as house pets, there are also several people who run a business of Ayam Cemani for sale. Usually, ornamental chicken lovers keep Cemani chicken for pets at home.

Does Ayam Cemani Lays Black Eggs?

Many people are interested to know the fact of Ayam Cemani egg color. Initially, maybe people thought that the color of Ayam Cemani egg is black. But, the fact is Ayam Cemani eggs are in cream color with a slight pink spot on the surface.

Shahzaib Ali: 03475931113
Raja Jahanzeb: 03480568883

Ansar Rafiq: 03088547201

Usman Saeed: 03228050237

Ali Rayan: 03170271679

Note: WhatsApp messages Only

For YouTube Video of the Shipment please CLICK HERE.

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