Second GDCP Cup Match – Rawalpindi

1.        Introduction.          GDCP introduced a tradition of Cup Matches, for socialization of dogs and interaction of dog owners in off show season, in 2018. So that dogs and handlers both remain in shape and spirit. First cup match of this series was held on 15th September 2018 in Bahria Town Lahore which met a huge success and applaud. This newsletter is to inform all members and owners about the 2nd Cup Match of the series which will be held in Rawalpindi on 6th July 2019.

  • Date : 6th July 2019
  • Time: 07:00 pm Onwards
  • Venue: Rafi Cricket Stadium, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi.
  • Entry: Free

2.        Invitation from President & Vice President GDCP. Cup Match will be hosted by the President GDCP Nasir Ishaq Malik and Vice President GDCP Farid Ullah Khan. This newsletter must also be considered as an official invitation from the President & Vice President GDCP in both their official and personal capacity.

3.        Participation.         Gundogs (FCI Group 7 & 8) both males and females will participate in the cup match. Any local bred gundog, registered with KCP, can participate in the cup match. Maximum 2 x dogs per owner will be allowed. To promote local breeding, imported dogs must not be entered in the Cup Match.

4.        Judges.          Following judges will judge in this cup match: –

  • Umer Asjad Malhi
  • Shaphan Samuel

5.        Judging Methodology.    If 20 dogs are presented, names of all 20 dogs will be placed in a jar. 2 chits will be taken out. These two dogs will be judged by both judges together. Better dog will be retained. Similarly, 10 pair of chits will be taken out turn by turn and better dog will be retained. This way 10 dogs will be retained out of 20 dogs. Now again names of retained 10 dogs will be placed in the jar and procedure of pair judging will be repeated. Then 5 dogs will be retained out of 10. Again, the procedure will be repeated with retained 5 dogs and three dogs will be retained. After that only a pair will be left behind and best dog and runners up dog will be chosen out of that pair. If dogs more than 20 are presented on the day of cup match it will be ensured that number of dogs entered is an even number.

6.        Prizes.           Shields with logo of GDCP will be presented to winner and runners up dog.

9.        Entries.         Last date to send entries is 2nd July 2019. Entries can be sent to following: –

  • Waseem Abdullah : 03009666339
  • Aqeel Daniel : 03245048733
  • Salman Michael : 03455346840
  • Noveen John : 03335189779
  • Adeel Leo : 03315087187
  • Khurram Khursheed Gill : 03028437987

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