Pets Kingdom – Parrot Breeder Karachi

M. Waqas Ahmed is a hobby parrot breeder in Karachi. He has a Birds breeding setup at his home and mostly Chicks are available for new homes. He also provides cargo facility to his clients on additional payment. He can also be followed on his FaceBook page ie Pets Kingdom. If you are looking to get a parrot for your home his contact details are mentioned below.

Aviary Name: Pets Kingdom

BreederM. Waqas Ahmed

Breeds: Following parrot breeds are being bred:-
1. Sun Conures
2. Ringnecks
3. Pahari Raw Parrots
4. African Grey Parrots
5. Lorries

City: Karachi

Contact Details:
M. Waqas Ahmed
Address: Near Airport, Karachi.

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