Fancy Teetar Cage Maker – Sukkur

Ghulam Mustafa  is making awesome handmade Fancy Teetar Cages in Sukkur. Few of his master pieces are shown below. Item numbers are mentioned on each picture. You can call the maker and ask price of each item. Price are very reasonable as matched with the hard work involved in making of these lovely cages. If you are looking to get a Fancy Teetar Cage his contact details are mentioned below.

Shop Name: Ghulam Mustafa Cage Maker

Name of Proprietor: Ghulam Mustafa Maitlo

Type of Company: Fancy Teetar Cage Maker

Status: Shop

City: Sukkur

Available Accessories: Hand Made Fancy Teetar Cages

Contact Details:
Ghulam Mustafa Maitlo
Address: Sukkur.

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