Doctors Incubators – Bird & Poultry Accessories Rawalpindi

Name of Company: Doctor Incubators

Name of Proprietors:
1. Dr. Muhammad Adeem
2. Daniyaal Adeem Shibli

Type of Company: Bird Accessories Provider

Available Accessories:
1. Incubators
2. Brooders
3. Digital Thermostats
4. Digital Timers
5. Automatic Trays of 15-48 Eggs

City: Rawalpindi.

Brief Introduction:
Doctor Incubators is Rawalpindi based company which is providing birds related accessories. Company is based in Rawalpindi but cargo service for complete Pakistan is available. The company deals in manual and automatic, local and imported incubators of all types and sizes. Spare parts of incubators are also available. Company also deals in sale and purchase of all types of poultry equipment and accessories. Customer feed back about all items provided by them is healthy. If you are looking to get any of the accessories mentioned above, contact details are mentioned below.

Contact Details:
Dr. Muhammad Adeem: 03335154757 / 03219567585
Daniyaal Adeem Shibli: 03365168067 / 03055101156
Address: Dhok Khabba Road, Near Committee Chowk, Rawalpindi.

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