Aslam Fancy Birds Farm – Fancy Poultry Breeder Burewala

Farm Name: Aslam Fancy Birds Farm

1. Muhammad Aslam
2. Muhammad Shahid

1. Black Silkie Chicken
2. Black Minorca Chicken
3. Cucco Bantam Chicken
4. Golden Bantam Chicken
5. Black Bantam Chicken
6. White Bantam Chicken
7. Golden Buff Chicken
8. Polish Chicken (Black & White)
9. Sebright Chicken
10. Golden Brahma Chicken
11. Heavy Brahma Chicken
12. Cucco Brahma Chicken

City: Burewala.

Brief Introduction:
Muhammad Aslam & Muhammad Shahid are breeding good quality fancy poultry in Burewala. Muhammad Aslam & Muhammad Shahid are a hobby breeders. Muhammad Aslam & Muhammad Shahid have a good standard bird breeding setup at home and mostly chicks are available for new homes. If you are looking to get fancy poultry chicks for your home their contact details are mentioned below.

Contact Details:
Muhammad Aslam: 03317968879
Muhammad Shahid: 03137783503
Address: Chak No 503 E.B., Burewala.


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